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GuWu - Study Design and Report Writing Solution
Gubbs, Inc.
GuWu - Study Design and Report Writing Solution is an application that has three modules to aid
users in the design, storage of acquired data results, and results reporting:

  • PK/PD Study Designer (Under Construction) - Allows users to design PK/PD studies
  • PK/PD Results (Under Construction) - Allows users to generate typical PK/PD results from
    instrumentally acquired data
  • Report Writer - Allows users to manage Method Validation and Bioanalysis reports. Report data
    is retrieved from a Thermo(TM) Watson(TM) or others (others to be determined).

Report Writer:
Thermo(TM) Watson(TM) is a popular Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) specially
designed for pre-clinical trials study and used mostly by those involved in discovery and Good
Laboratory Practice (GLP) bioanalytical settings. Watson will generate tables of instrumental assay
results; however, results tables are only a portion of what is expected in a GLP study Final Report.
Typical GLP study reports include sections for Compliance, Quality Assurance (QA) Inspections,
Contributing Personnel, Analytical Reference Standard Description, Data Archival, Study Summary,
Assay Method Validation Summary, and Conclusions.  Watson data may or may not be interspersed
within these sections.

With GuWu,  a user can configure a report, then click a button to generate a Microsoft(R) Word report. In
GuWu, users enter study information that is typically included in a GLP Final Report, but not stored in the
Watson database. As part of a Support Contract, customers may contract to have additional modules
added to GuWu that will pull non-Watson information from other in-house data stores (e.g. analytical
reference standard application or database), further simplifying the Final Report generation process.
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