Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics  (MSM) Polling Application is a software application that inventories and stores
actual mass spectrometer instrument usage. All instruments used are recorded and may be named and
labeled according to location. Information is stored in a database (Access, SQL Server, or Oracle), supports
an unlimited number of instruments, and may be used locally, over a LAN, or over a WAN.

Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics Viewer  (MSM Viewer) is a Microsoft(R) Office Excel application that allows
users to mine and display mass spec instrument usage. The application allows users to filter  instruments
by instrument name and/or location and to configure searches and display data as either charts or
Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics (MSM)
Gubbs Mass Spec Metrics Viewer (MSM Viewer)
Gubbs, Inc.
Figure 1 - MSM Polling Application Console
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Figure 2 - MSM Viewer